Earlier go-to-market opens up competitive advantages – collector’s item # 1 can be purchased

Hydrogen specialists from PS-HyTech and the renowned aircraft designer Kasaero are working on a completely new type of system with which electrically powered ultralight and small aircraft will in future be able to fly long distances just as easily as modern machines with combustion engines and only emit steam. There will also be an affordable, independent hydrogen supply for airfields. In addition to environmental aspects, the system has another significant advantage over battery-powered aircraft: with the same take-off weight, it has a multiple of range. An innovative design concept also reduces the risk of overheating lithium-ion batteries in the air.

Experts around the world consider green hydrogen to be the fuel of the future. Large aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus are announcing their first fully hydrogen-powered airliner for 2035. The Bavarian PS-HyTech GmbH and the Swabian aircraft construction specialist Kasaero GmbH are already planning an approved energy supply system for ultralight aircraft for 2022 – a little later also for small four-seater aircraft – which will be incorporated into series production and optionally available as a retrofit kit. As a partner for the construction of the first prototype, the consortium works with international manufacturers – including replicas, seaplanes and UAVs (drones).

Private funding and public research funding

The cooperation project between PS-HyTech and Kasaero is mainly financed from own funds. Essential research and development work is supported by public funding from the Federal Republic of Germany. Investors and aircraft manufacturers have the opportunity to become part of this groundbreaking development and to join the PS-HyTech / Kasaero project. An early go-to-market opens up competitive advantages and new market opportunities in a high-growth technology sector. Technology enthusiasts have the opportunity to become the exclusive owner of the serial number “1” of an innovative ultralight aircraft powered by hydrogen. Interested parties can contact the developer consortium here.